Small Business Website (revisited)

Small Business Website (revisited)

Improvements, new features and new content

I have made some improvements to the layout on the “contact us” page. Also, I have modified bakery opening hours section at the footer of the website so that I could integrate JavaScript logic to it, which checks for the current date and time, and highlights today’s day in the opening hours section of the footer, and also displays a message if the shop is open right now or if it’s closed.



Navigation of my website is split into 3 parts, left navigation, right navigation and mobile navigation. All of them are in the separate modules, and combined together with the site logo in the header module. Footer is also in a separate module now.


Error pages and htaccess

I have created a 404 error page at the root level, which is going to be used for the whole website, except revised version of the small business website, because it’s got it’s own 404 page. There is a htaccess file at the root level and it includes 404 error handling, and plus it’s got https and non-www redirect, which fixes issue with being treated as a separate website, also it solves the problem of http (unsecure) version of website being accessible. Now all calls to the http version of website and are getting redirected to the

Main 404 error page

Also there is another htaccess file in the folder of revised version of the small business website with 404 error handling override.

Bakery 404 error page

Other changes

  • Applied h-card microformats to the contact information
  • Added aria label to the contact form
  • Looked into using landmark roles, but they are not needed when using a semantic elements, so no use for them in this project
  • Improved alts for images
  • Added H1 headings to the pages where it was missing
  • Used <picture> element for the main image on the index page, which loads images of different sizes depending on the screen size
  • Created and uploaded a sitemap.xml
  • Created and uploaded robots.txt
  • Renamed images with more meaningful names
  • Added titles to images
  • Improved page titles
  • Added unique description meta tags
  • Added canonical links
  • Added unique keywords meta data
  • Modified favicon

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